Rigging Elections


NDP Women Accuse Party of Discrimination

A report issued by The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) highlighted numerous objections from potential National Democratic Party women candidates in Egypt's upcoming parliamentary elections slated for November 28.

Fears of rigging in students’ body election ahead of parliamentary elections

Dr. Ahmed Diab, Secretary General of the MB parliamentary bloc, asserted that "universities in Egypt have become a tool used by state security authorities to persecute students affiliated with the

Egyptian Minister: Egypt’s democracy is theoretical

Moufid Shehab Minister of State for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs dismissed allegations of fraud and rigging in Egypt 's elections.

MB offshoot calls for discussion of election law

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front called for nationwide dialogue to create a modern and democratic election law after it had announced it would boycott the parliamentary elections

Muslim Brotherhood’s opinion in a newsletter regarding Shura elections and Freedom Flotilla

The past few days have witnessed tragic incidents at home, with the worst case of fraud taking place in the mid-term Shura Council elections in Egypt in what has become

MB: Rigging elections is government piracy

The Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidates held a press conference today revealing the atrocious violations practiced against the MB followers and supporters in their constituencies during the midterm Shura elections describing