Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Extreme Coup Regime Brutality Strengthens Revolution

Brotherhood Spokesman Mohamed Montaser says gross injustice will lead to revolutionary unity and ultimate victory against military junta repression.

Junta Judiciary Deals Out Death Sentences to Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, 13 Leaders

With typical, blatant disregard for recognized standards of law and justice, yet another kangaroo court in Egypt issues mass execution orders against political opposition leaders.

European Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights Calls for Independent Investigation into Egypt Torture, Detention

The AED issues a Press Release condemning torture and other brutal ill-treatment and abuse of political detainees in Egyptian prisons, police stations and illegal detention centers.

Rights Organization Condemns Dismissal of Anti-Coup Egyptian Judges

An Egyptian NGO urges judiciary to defend their independence against flagrant junta violations.

Egypt Revolutionary Council President Maha Azzam on Borg Al-Arab Prison Atrocities

An open letter from the head of the ERC in exile regarding unspeakable abuse and brutality in Egyptian prisons and places of detention, especially the Borg Al-Arab prison.

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: We Reject All Violence; Peaceful Protest is Our Strategic Choice

The Muslim Brotherhood's spokesman Montaser reaffirms the group's commitment to non-violence, and that it has no contacts or relations whatsoever with violent groups.

Rights Organization: Ramadan Execution Based on Unjust, Flawed Trial

A leading Egyptian NGO accuses junta courts of attempting to give 'killing outside the law' a flimsy veneer of legal rectitude.

It’s not about Niqab, it’s about credibility

Hoda Ramzy, another student, was expelled from Al-Azhar Institute in Shoubra, today, for merely wearing a niqab.