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Egypt Brotherhood Urgently Condemns Assad Use of Deadly Poisonous Gas Against Syrians

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood issues a strong statement denouncing Bashar Assad’s reported use of non-conventional murderous gas bombs against revolutionaries in Syria.

Mousa: MB Has Every Right To Be Part of Egypt’s Political Future

During an event organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, the outgoing Arab League chief Dr. Amr Mousa stressed that the pressure for democracy in the Arab world will be unstoppable, regardless

MB chairman reports important documents stolen from home after break in and entry

After realizing he was the victim of a break-in, on his return home to Beni Suef Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie filed a report to the head military chief

MB in Bahrain urges Bahrainis to engage in dialogue

Realizing that military force and civil war is not an answer to Bahrain’s unrest Dr. Salah Ali from the Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoot Al Menbar National Islamic Society has urged the

The Brotherhood – Standing Alone in a Sea of Ideologies

For years the Muslim Brotherhood has dominated poor areas of Alexandria and Cairo and now, in post-Mubarak Egypt, they are taking steps to become an official party.

Ignoring the Snubs – The Brotherhood Moves Forward

Responding to mass calls for his resignation and finally handing power over to the military on February 11th, 2011, Mubarak is now being held accountable for amassing billions of dollars

Rights Group to Prosecute Those Found Responsible for Attacks on Protesters

The Paris-based Arab Commission for Human Rights on Wednesday dispatched a fact-finding committee to Cairo to investigate police violence used against protesters demanding the resignation of Egyptian ex-president Hosni Mubarak,

Peaceful Protest and the Reward of Perseverance

The peaceful protests across Egypt have been blessed with success! Demonstrations marked by non-violent behavior that constituted a national uprising in Egypt, to remove oppression and tyranny,

50 International Organizations Call on Washington to Halt Aid to Cairo

Fifty international organizations called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to stop sending aid to Egypt.

Mubarak Stubbornly Refuses to Stand Down

Roars of anger rang out of Tahreer Square after Mubarak announced he would not leave until September. Protestors waved their shoes at Mubarak as a carnival-like atmosphere turned to rage.