Saad Eddin Ibrahim


Egypt’s Revolutionary Narrative Breaks Down

On the first anniversary of Egypt's revolution, the Semiramis InterContinental, a five-star luxury hotel overlooking Cairo's central Tahrir Square, offered an espresso-stained postcard of the deep political and social divides

Saad el Deen Ibrahim Predicts Conservatives to Win 40% of Parliament Seats

Director of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies, Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, predicted that the Islamists may very well be the largest bloc in parliament after the upcoming elections.

Saad Eddin Ibrahim: MB Is Organized But Not Most Popular

Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Chairman of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Democratic Studies, described the Muslim Brotherhood as the most powerful and most organized group prepared to enter in the

Turning a Blind Eye to Egypt

Since President Obama’s Cairo speech, his administration has been disturbingly quiet in word and deed about the Egyptian government’s repression of democracy.

Is Gamal Mubarak the best hope for Egyptian democracy?

Egypt's opposition forces and Western advocates of democracy promotion all seem to agree on one thing: Gamal Mubarak should not be allowed to succeed his father Hosni Mubarak as President

Who is Saad Eddin Ibrahim trying to fool?

Saad Eddin Ibrahim--the well-known dissident, Egyptian-American sociologist and human rights activist--signed a statement Monday issued by the Popular Coalition to Support of Gamal Mubarak for Presidential Candidacy backing the nomination

S’ad Al-Din Ibrahim: The Muslim Brotherhood – A Viable Alternative to the Egyptian Regime

After approximately three years abroad, Egyptian sociologist and human rights activist Dr. S'ad Al-Din Ibrahim returned on August 4, 2010 for a two-week visit to his homeland, where a number

EGYPT: Opposition bemused by dissident’s support for president’s son

Egyptian political activists are furious at fellow democracy and human rights campaigner Saad Eddin Ibrahim after the sociologist signed a petition urging President Hosni Mubarak's son, Gamal, to run in

Egypt’s opposition criticizes Saad el Din Ibrahim’s support of pro-Gamal petition

Reuters reports on Pro-democracy activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who has recently arrived to Egypt and his support of Gamal Mubarak as the President's potential successor.

Why ElBaradei?

The return of Mohammed ElBaradei,the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to Egypt has created political controversy centred around the likelihood of his running as a presidential