Safwat el-Sherif


Commission accuses Mubarak’s Sons of Masterminding Attacks on Protestors

A much expected report fromthe Fact Finding Committee on Egypt’s January 25 Revolution was released today.

Protestors demand trial of Mubarak and officials on Friday’s Save the Revolution

The call for a second million man march was heard by Egyptians who returned in their thousands to the scene of the January 25 Revolution Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Prosecutor calls for investigation of former senior gov’t officials

Central Auditing Agency Chairman, Gawdat El-Malt has asserted that he received documented complaints from the general prosecutor, Abdul Magid Mahmoud.

Three more former ministers to be quizzed for crimes

Following growing public demand for officials to be punished Egypt's public prosecutor will investigate claims made against three additional senior former politicians.

Armed Forces confirms Shafiq’s Gov’t will not Supervise any upcoming elections

Members of the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) ascertained that Shafiq’s government will not supervise the upcoming presidential nor parliamentary elections.

Mubarak’s Last Gasps

According to the CIA's declassified documents and records, senior CIA operative, Kermit Roosevelt, paid $100,000 to mobsters in Tehran, in early August 1953, to hire the most feared thugs to

Rules for poll monitors announced in Egypt

Restrictive Regulations governing the election monitors during Egypt's parliamentary elections were released by the High Elections Commission.

Analysts Slam NDP’s Decision which Allows Members to Vie for the Same Seat

The ruling National Democratic Party‘s decision to feature more than one candidate to vie for the same seat has been viewed by some as a sign of weakness.

NDP musters itself to ban the MB’s slogan

Just days ahead of parliamentary candidates registration a statement was issued by the Higher Elections Commission maintaining that religious slogans such as “Islam is the solution” may not be raised.

NDP will nominate president Mubarak for 6th term

Speaker of Egypt ’s Shura Council Safwat El-Sherif confirmed that the ruling National Democratic Party has decided to nominate the current President Hosni Mubarak for a sixth term in office