Salafi’s father fears son dead

Hassan Metwally, father of 29-year-old Salafi detainee accused the security officials of masterminding the kidnapping of his son Ahmed who has been missing since the suicide bombing of the Qeddesinne

MB’s Opinion in a Newsletter: Serious Incidents Surrounding Egypt and the Arab World

Arab countries, particularly Egypt, are witnessing tension and serious incidents which threaten to shake the unity of the people, and specifically in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood expert discusses Maghreb Salafism

Alaya Allani is a professor of contemporary history at the University of Manouba in Tunis and a specialist in political Islam.

The death and reincarnation of Islam Online

It seems the Islam Online saga is finally drawing to an end, although not necessarily the one hoped for by employees of its Cairo-based office.

Islamonline employees address the Qatari TV channel AlJazeera: Treat us the same as you treat

Employees of the Islamic website Islamonline strongly deplore and disapprove the occupational bias on Al Jazeera's coverage of the crisis which erupted between the staff in Cairo and the Qatar-based

Deena Khalil: IslamOnline was more than a job

I’ve only been working here for 4 months, but I’ve grown so attached to this place. I’m trying to fathom what it means to work somewhere for 5, 7, and

Islam Online in crisis as administration threatens to fire journalists

Some 250 employees of the Arabic-English news website Islam Online stood in protest this afternoon in Cairo, demanding their voices be heard by the new administration.

‘Screens to heaven’

More and more conservative religious channels are appearing on the small screen, changing the way people consume religion, writes Mohamed El-Sayed.

Muslim Brotherhood vs Saudi Salafis – The Political War for the Muslim Mind

A Financial Times report details a split emerging within the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim world's most famous political group.

Politics, Terrorism, and the Sunni Divide

Wahhabism and the Muslim Brotherhood are two distinct forms of Sunni Islamism. They have separate histories and separate worldviews. In reality they are not even the same type of movement.