Beltagy: Certain Stakeholders Reject Calls to Dialogue; Insist on Burning Homeland

FJP leader Beltagy exhorts all parties and movements to close ranks and save Egypt from the counter-revolution and another oppressive dictatorship.

Katatni: We Hope Dialogue Creates Broad Consensus Before Parliamentary Elections

Egypt Freedom and Justice Party shows willingness for maximum flexibility in dialogue as the only choice for creating broad-based consensus before the upcoming House of Representatives elections.

Islamists Change Location for Saturday’s Legitimacy and Sharia Million-Man Rally to Cairo University

In yet another indication of their peaceful message and prudent approach, Egypt’s Islamist parties, groups and movements move their intended location for ‘Support Sharia (Islamic Law)’ demonstration and mass rally

Interview with Asem Shalaby, First Chairman of Egyptian Publishers Association Affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood

Interview with Asem Shalaby, the newly-elected President of the Egyptian Publishers Association (EPA), who took the job after the January 25 revolution.

Pew: 70% of Egyptians Express a Favorable View of the Muslim Brotherhood

Despite economic difficulties and political uncertainty, Egyptians remain upbeat about the course of the nation and prospects for progress. Amid rancorous debates over the presidential election and the shape of

Alexandria Welcomes Brotherhood and FJP Presidential Candidate

Presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi meets with Egyptian Salafist Da’wa (outreach) leading sheikhs, 800 businessmen and entrepreneurs, and 20,000 Egyptian citizens in a popular conference held in Alexandria as part of

Ghozlan: Right Persons for Presidency

The Brotherhood’s Dr. Ghozlan has his mind set on a number of persons he believes are right for Egypt’s top job. Can he persuade them to run for the presidency?

Fahmi Howeidi: Egyptian Media Guilty of Incitement

What started as a limited incident, in a tiny village, and was settled locally immediately, was suddenly launched into the spotlight, with hate media consciously publishing and broadcasting false and

Seeking Consensus, the FJP Remains Wary of Alliance with Salafis

Despite widespread speculation to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing -- the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) -- has consistently ruled out the possibility of forming any strategic alliance

Basem Sabry-Egypt’s Liberals and the Elections- Ahram

While it is important to understand what advantages Islamists had in the elections, it is also important to understand where liberal and secular forces failed