Salah Abdel-Maksoud


Egypt Information Minister: New Press Freedom Law to Guarantee Media Freedom of Expression

Egyptian Minister of Information Abdel-Maksoud assures new press freedom law should do more than prevent jailing of journalists doing their professional duty.

Abdel-Maksoud: First Post-Revolution Government Defends Freedoms, Upholds Rule of Law

Egyptian Minister of Information refutes false media claims that the government is shutting off all anti-Morsi TV stations as unfounded fabricated fables and utter lies.

Egypt Information Minister to Political Parties: No-One Will Be Excluded; Freedoms Guaranteed for All

Egypt’s new Information Minister meets with the heads of the country’s political parties; assures them that State-owned media outlets will not alienate any political players, and that freedom of speech

Information Minister: Mass Media Will Reflect All Egyptians

Egypt’s new Information Minister expresses confidence that his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood will make him a better fairer civil-servant, and promises an all-inclusive perspective in his Ministry.

Successful First Step Towards New Relationship Between Islamists and Mass Media

Cairo, Sunday, July 29 – Press Statement: Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafi movement, the Jam’aa Islamiya (the Islamic Group) and the Sufi Orders agree with the Political Islam Editors

Abdel-Maksoud: Muslim Brotherhood Has Constitutional, Judicial and Popular Legitimacy

Brotherhood lawyer explains that the MB is in fact legal Since 1928, has never been officially dissolved by any legally binding final court decision, resolution or judgment; and that it