France – A New Ally for the Middle East ?

France has recently opened the door for dialog with any Muslim movement beyond its shores that renounces violence.

MB welcomes dialogue with the West without preconditions

The Muslim Brotherhood is open to talking with Western governments, without preconditions, especially after French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe asserted his country's readiness for an open dialogue with Islamist movements

MB’s Opinion in a Newsletter: Serious Incidents Surrounding Egypt and the Arab World

Arab countries, particularly Egypt, are witnessing tension and serious incidents which threaten to shake the unity of the people, and specifically in Egypt.

MB chairman: Egyptian Regime Failed to protect its People

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie, in his recent statement ascertained that the regime has failed to protect its people.

Jordan’s MB offshoot denounces French niqab ban

France's ban on the full-face veils has been deeply condemned by the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan who described the ban as an "affront" to dignity.

Arab diplomat describes Mubarak as walking corpse

Recent controversy and speculations have risen over Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s health with allegations that he has taken a serious turn for the worse, with fears that the 83-year-old may

USA Today: Niqab ban is a bad move

From the realm of truly terrible ideas comes this: Parts of Europe suddenly seem enthralled with banning the burqa and niqab, Islamic attire that hides the face.

French President calls off trip to Egypt due to Mubarak’s health

President Mubarak's recent illness has caused much speculation on Egypt 's future both in Egypt and abroad. A trip which was arranged to take place in early May, was cancelled

The Historic Roots of a Newly Resilient Ideology

The legitimation of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry in the European mainstream has allowed formerly ostracized far-right Neo-Nazi and Fascist-oriented groups to present themselves as respectable political movements.

Turkey’s Strategic Depth Foreign Policy

Manuela Paraipan: What are your thoughts on the agreements signed by Turkey with Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia? Dr. Kerem Oktem: In the last year, Turkey has indeed signed a