Saudi Arabia


Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemns Bombings in Medina, Saudi Arabia

 Muslim Brotherhood condemns in the strongest terms the suicide-bomb attack outside the Prophet’s Mosque in Saudi Arabia’s Medina, Islam’s second holiest city, which targeted security forces near the mosque. Attacking

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Mena Pilgrim Stampede Victims

The Muslim Brotherhood offers its sincere condolences to the entire Muslim world and families of the victims of the stampede in Mena, pilgrims who died in the tragic incident Thursday.

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Mecca Accident Deaths

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns the Mecca Grand Mosque deaths, visitors of this most important Islamic site, who were killed as a construction crane fell on one of the buildings of

Yemen Muslim Brotherhood Party Condemns Terror Attack Against Saudi Emergency Forces

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist incident which targeted a mosque where Saudi Emergency Forces prayed Thursday.

Islah Party Announces Decisive Storm Support

Islah Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, issues a statement announcing support for ongoing operation Decisive Storm led by Saudi Arabia and coalition countries to restore

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Criticizes Saudi Support for Repressive Junta in Egypt

Pro-legitimacy coalition urges Saudi Arabia to show solidarity with the people of Egypt rather than their oppressors, reiterating commitment to peaceful protest until the coup is defeated.

Egypt Receives Extensive Export Orders for ‘Egyptian iPad’; Manufactures First Car Soon

With production of the first Egyptian ‘iPad-like’ tablet PC just started, order lists are filling up fast, while the country prepares for manufacturing its first car in years.

Ghozlan: Bin Laden Was Never Member of Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood spokesman assures that, despite recent allegations, Al-Qaeda leaders never belonged to the ‘moderate Islam’ group, which relies exclusively on political democratic interaction.

Constituent Assembly Seeks to Hear ElBaradei, Zewail and Al-Baz Views, Suggestions

Egypt’s constitution-writing panel has held 50 hearing sessions, received 6500 suggestions for additions to the country’s first post-revolution national charter, and made 21 visits to provinces and universities across the

Dr. Morsi Receives Saudi Ambassador in Cairo

Saudi Ambassador vows to strengthen economic ties with Egypt by increasing volume of trade and investment in Egypt and employment opportunities for Egyptians in Saudi Arabia.