Rights Group: SCAF, Government and Protesters are Responsible for Violence

Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination blamed the current violent clashes on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Egyptian government and some of the inexperienced young protesters.

MB Lawyers Blast SCAF for Proposed Emergency Law

Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and activist Gamal Tag el Deen rejected the military council’s announcement that it would reactivate the country's widely condemned Emergency Law to allegedly restore order. He described

Rights Groups Urge Authorities to Proceed With Elections Timetable

With the dilemma facing Egypt concerning the upcoming elections, the human rights organization, Sawaseya, calls on the Egyptian authorities to proceed with the scheduled elections.

Sawaseya denounces regime’s discrimination

Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Anti Discrimination denounced discriminations made by the ruling party against electorates and the abduction of supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates in Kafr el-Zayat.

Human rights condemns the terrorizing of opposition students in Egypt

Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and anti- Discrimination, expressed its concerns over the arbitrary measures performed by some Egyptian Universities against the opposition students who try to voice their opinions

Centre for Human Rights says Hatred against Muslims Sweeping West

The Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Countering Anti-Discrimination has recently issued a report titled "lost rights and a wasted dignity”.

Human rights in Egypt slams regimes’ discrimination

The Sawaseya Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Center Criticized the discriminating procedures practiced against Muslim Brotherhood's deputy chairman Engineer Khairat Al-Shater and his companions

Sawaseya evaluates media coverage of elections

The Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and Combating Terrorism will hold a press conference Wednesday, noon time, at the center's headquarters

Sawaseya calls on government to stop terrorizing students

The Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and Combating Terrorism has called on the government to stop the terrorizing of students.

Lawyers protest on Monday objecting to iron wall.

The legitimate general syndicate committee has organized a rally in support of the Palestinians demonstrating their disappointment of the continued construction of the iron wall.