Rights Organization: War Criminal Assad Must Be Referred to International Criminal Court

Human rights center SAWASYA calls on world community, including Arab and Muslim countries, to show solidarity with the Syrian people being devastated by Assad’s bloody violence.

Human Rights Conference: World Turns Blind Eye to Palestinian Prisoners Tragedy

Rights Group SAWASYA member Al-Hilw condemns deplorable conditions Palestinians suffer in Israeli jails and urges the world community to pressure Israel to release all those prisoners.

Rights Group Condemns Iconic Tahrir Square Rapes

SAWASYA (center for human rights and anti-discrimination) denounces increasing violence against women, even rape, in the revolutionary rendezvous in Cairo, Tahrir Square – heinous crimes that threaten the credibility of

SAWASYA: International Community Neglects Rights of Palestinian and Syrian Children

While hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian children are killed and maimed by ruthless regimes, the world witnessing their horrendous tragedies mostly ignores their indescribable suffering.

SAWASYA: Protection of Abbassiya Sit-in is SCAF Responsibility

According to one human rights authority, the highly persistent and well-organized murderous attacks on the peaceful sit-in of the Egyptian capital’s Abbassiya district indicate a deliberate attempt to subvert the

Sawasya: Ambiguity Surrounds Maspero’s Bloody Sunday As Eyewitness Accounts Conflict

Sawasya Centre for Human Rights confirmed that ambiguity and uncertainty obscure the causes of the Maspero events and how they unfolded due to contradictory testimonies of Egyptian citizens, Muslims and

Rights Group: Doctors’ Syndicate Elections Truly Democractic

Sawasya Center for Human Rights praised the Doctors' Syndicate elections which took place on Friday in a truly democractic atmosphere, very different from the fradulent atmosphere prior to the revolution

Rights Group Criticizes Canadian Embassy’s Decision Denying Visa to Reunite Egyptian Couple

Sawasya Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination expressed its strong condemnation for a decision by the Canadian Embassy in Cairo denying a travel permit to an Egyptian citizen Muhammad Ashraf

Sawasya: Increased discrimination against USA’s Muslim Systematic

The Sawasya Centre for human rights and anti-discrimination in a recent study stressed that racial discriminations against U.S. Muslims are rising.