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MB in Bahrain urges Bahrainis to engage in dialogue

Realizing that military force and civil war is not an answer to Bahrain’s unrest Dr. Salah Ali from the Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoot Al Menbar National Islamic Society has urged the

Canadian Ambassador: Islam Is on the Rise in Canada and We Are not Threatened by

During a recent interview with Alyoum al Saba’a the Canadian Ambassador Ferry de Kerckhove, to Egypt commented on numerous topics concerning Egypt’s current situation including, the deadly church blasts, ElBaradei

Iraq: The Hidden Story [A Must Watch Video]

In this 45 minute video, Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow questions whether the Images of Iraq which dominate the Western TV news bulletins are sugar-coating the bloody reality of

Iraq: Candidates Should Promote Human Rights

After Iraq’s last parliamentary elections in 2005, violence devastated Shia and Sunni Arab communities in central and southern Iraq. While some of the worst violence has subsided, armed groups continue

UN Rights Council Adopts Recommendations on Egypt: Government must ensure prompt implementation and reconsider rejected

Following the adoption of the UN Human Rights Council’s recommendations to on Egypt, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) welcomed the fact that the government decided to accept the

El-Erian: Naga’a Hammadi crisis is political not criminal.

In a seminar held by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies Dr Essam Al-Erian from the MB executive guidance bureau shed light on the current sectarian violence.

Al-Beltagi participates in a conference on sectarian violence.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagi, MB bloc's Secretary of relations, will participate in a conference titled "Sectarianism from discrimination to assassination" at the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights on Monday