Ibrahim Kalin: Sectarianism a Disaster for Sunnis and Shiites

2012 comes with numerous opportunities for the Muslim world. For the first time, many Arab countries have a chance to hold free elections and carry out reforms to establish political

Op-Ed: The Dilemma of the Syrian Revolution, Questions to Iran

Some believe that the Iranian position regarding the developments in Syria is very confusing - and perhaps Iran itself could be divided from the inside as it has been witnessing

Iraq: Candidates Should Promote Human Rights

After Iraq’s last parliamentary elections in 2005, violence devastated Shia and Sunni Arab communities in central and southern Iraq. While some of the worst violence has subsided, armed groups continue

Islamism: Can the U.S. prevent Islamist Victories?

A recent article from the FAO Journal answers affirmatively, and attempts to identify mechanisms to “defeat Islamists at the ballot.”

US: Sectarianism not only cause for Christian problems in Egypt, Iraq

ABC news quoted Professor Hilal Kashan, a professor of political science at the American University in Beirut (AUB), as saying that the tension has not risen between Muslims and Christians

Op-ed: Egypt’s ugly sectarianism face

Sectarianism has struck again in Egypt; in the most gruesome attack in a long time, when six Copts and a Muslim policeman were killed outside a church in the southern

Report: Human Rights on the Decline Part II

As we reported earlier, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) has released a comprehensive and thorough report, called “Bastion of Impunity, Mirage of Reform,”

Hezbollah ‘more than resistance’

Sheikh Maher Hammoud is an influential Sunni Muslim cleric based in Sidon, Lebanon. He is one of a handful of senior Sunni clerics who has defied the prevailing political current

Lebanon: an End to Sectarian Politics?

We must remember that the discrepancy found in parliamentary seats and power, whereby Christians were overrepresented in relation to Muslims and were the politically privileged class, was a significant factor

Inside Egypt’s sectarian violence

In recent weeks, Egypt has witnessed an increase in sectarian violence between Muslims and the Christian minority.