Security Services


Jordan MB Blames Government and Police for Friday Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Jordan warned of entering the "Age of mafias and gangs" after the burning of the headquarters of the group and the Islamic Action Front in

Security Threats for Activists Hours before the Egyptian Day of Rage

The Popular Campaign in Support of El-Baradei and the demands for change condemned the security campaign against its members in the different governorates as well as the security threats during

Dr Morsy: Security Services Engaged in Systematic Violence against MB Candidates

Dr Mohamed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesperson and executive bureau member, has stressed that the Brothers want to hold free and fair elections. The MB is keen to respect

Experts: Prison Act in Egypt Is Unconstitutional

Lawyers and judges stressed that the current Prison Act is unconstitutional as it was passed in 1965 in the absence of parliament and was not reviewed after its formation.

Egyptian MP: Security Services’ seizure of Freedom Convoy an act of piracy

-- Egyptian parliament member, Hazem Farouk, described Egyptian security service officers' decision to prohibit the Freedom Convoy, which carried such aid materials as iron, cement, and brick, from passing through

Egypt: Security services wound 30 in election rally, arrest 13 injured from hospital

At least 30 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were injured on 29 May 2010, as Egyptian security forces attacked an election rally organized by residents of Abu Homs in Al-Baheira governorate.

Arrest of Ikhwanonline reporter

An arrest warrant was issued by the Interior Ministry for the arrest of Hamdy Taha Ahmed, a reporter for the Muslim Brotherhood's official website Ikhwanonline.

State Security follows through their unjust arrests.

Security Services launched a new campaign of arrests against the Muslim Brotherhood movement from the Daqahleya governorate.

Letters accusing armed Coptic militias of Nagaa Hammadi’s incident

The Prosecutor-General Chancellor Abdel Magid Mahmoud decided to detain the three suspects of killing six Copts and one Muslim soldier last Wednesday.

How Government Worsens Terror Risk

US government does ridiculous things 'for show' in an attempt to demonstrate to voters that something — anything — is being done about terrorism.