Fahmi Howeidi: Egyptian Media Guilty of Incitement

What started as a limited incident, in a tiny village, and was settled locally immediately, was suddenly launched into the spotlight, with hate media consciously publishing and broadcasting false and

MB Chairman: Egyptians Will Not Surrender Revolution to Hijackers

Speaking in Wady Notron, Beheira the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that remnants from the old regime are intent on sowing chaos and hijacking the revolution.

Syrian MB Accuses Regime of Inciting Sectarian Divide

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria accused the Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his regime of advocating sedition and orchesterating violence.

MB Movies, Emphasis on Morals and Fighting Corruption

With restrictions limited after the ousting of the corrupt Mubarak and his regime, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to portray ethical messages through films.

MB Chairman: Egypt’s January 25 Revolution Spirit Must be Revived

Dr. Mohamed Badie Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt 's best organized political force, called on the people to revive the spirit present during the January 25 Revolution.

MB Warns against Counter Revolution and Amnesty

The Muslim Brotherhood's Tuesday seminars held in governorates nationwide urged Egyptians to protect the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak from those who might try to pervert it for their own

MB Confirms Will Not Participate in May 27, Protest

Observing calls for a second revolutionary march on May 27, the Muslim Brotherhood is viewing with great concern the events.

MB Leader: Protecting Houses of Worship – A Religious and Patriotic Duty

Speaking at a student event senior MB leader Dr. Helmy el Gazar denounced the attack on the densely-populated neighborhood where residents of Cairo ’s poverty-stricken Imbaba neighborhood witnessed unnecessary deadly

MB Calls for the End of Sedition and Protection of Revolution

Over the last two days Imbaba in Cairo has witnessed a spiralling wave of sedition and sectarian strife bearing down on Muslims and Copts alike which resulted in needless deaths,

Protesters Referred to Trial for Allegedly Inciting Sedition

Eight Muslim activists protesting in solidarity with Christian Copts have been charged with illegal rallying, rioting, damaging public property, and assailing police officers on duty by Egypt’s public prosecutor.