Muslim Brotherhood Youth Launch

A group of young Muslim Brotherhood members launched an entertainment page on the social networking site Facebook titled Ikhwan Cinema, rocketing to almost 9000 fans, and intending to relay the

MB, Higher Moral Stand in Movie and TV Industry

The Muslim Brotherhood's commitment to an ethical and moral individual and society is significant, as the amount of gun-related, sex-related and violent crime escalate . There is a noticeable link

MB Movies, Emphasis on Morals and Fighting Corruption

With restrictions limited after the ousting of the corrupt Mubarak and his regime, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to portray ethical messages through films.

“The Society”

A television series can cause uproar, raise a debate or start a dispute that would require the intervention of courts of law to be settled.

MB Deputy: Anti-MB, gov’t funded TV series ‘The Group’ mere propaganda

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy, Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, asserted that the anti-MB TV series ‘The Group’ will not have the public impact anticipated by the regime.

MB: Brotherhood TV series desperate attempt by dictatorial regime to distort image

A recent statement by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group has expressed distaste at the lame attempt to tarnish the group's reputation.