Settlement Freeze


Obama’s last card – will he play it?

Alan Hart argues that, with the help of pressure from the European Union, US President Barack Obama could be nudged into signalling the end of American tolerance of Israeli crimes

Haaretz: Active illegal construction in all settlements since freeze ended

Haaretz newspaper said Monday that since the end of the alleged settlement freeze in the occupied Palestinian territories and the resumption of settlement activities last September, there has been active

His father’s boy: the three faces of Binyamin Netanyahu

Uri Avnery considers the three faces of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: the unprincipled conman, the street-wise trickster and the advocate of Greater Israel. He concludes that while Netanyahu displays

Palestinians Angered over Jewish state loyalty in Israel

A drafted law proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and submitted to the Knesset has angered Palestinians who represent 20% of the population.

What Obama Hasn’t Changed About the Mid East Peace Process

Forgive my cynicism, but you will not see me holding my breath in anticipation of a comprehensive and just conclusion to the Arab-Israeli conflict, not this time around, not even

Construction Fever

With the Arab world and Palestinian Authority seemingly caught in a spiral of weakness and vacillation, and the Obama administration unwilling or unable to pressure Israel, the Israeli government has

Palestinians in W. Bank ridicule Obama’s guarantees

The Letter of Guarantees sent by US President Barack Obama to Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu in exchange for extending settlement construction freeze has drawn widespread mockery among Palestinian citizens in

Occupation bulldozes lands in the village of Takku

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli occupation bulldozers started on Friday morning to bulldoze Palestinian lands close to a Jewish settlement built on confiscated Palestinian land belonging to the village of Takku.

Netanyahu declines Obama’s request to expand settlement freeze

The Israeli media reported that premier Benjamin Netanyahu rebuffed a request made by US president Barack Obama to expand settlement freeze.

Damage Control

A DUTCH journalist asked me last Wednesday to try and divine the thoughts of Binyamin Netanyahu on his way to Washington.