MB Slams UNESCO Decision Declaring Jerusalem As Israeli Capital

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) condemns UNESCO's recent decision to introduce Occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on its website, in a grave violation of UN Security Council Resolutions which

Israel Calls Peaceful Palestinian Protests – ‘A Virus’

As people throughout the Middle East are staging uprisings struggling to achieve governmental transparency and democracy, Palestinians under siege in Israel face the harshest reality of all their neighboring countries

Car set ablaze, child injured in settler attacks rocking Al-Khalil

Jewish settlers instilled terror during several riots in the southern West Bank city of Al-Khalil on Saturday night.

The Future of Israel

The Israel I live in today is a country where at least half the population is cut off from full-participation in society because of an impenetrable wall of racism and

Israel rejects international monitors for East Jerusalem demolitions

Senior Israeli officials have rejected the proposal from the EU to deploy international monitors of the occupation authority's demolition of Palestinian-owned buildings in East Jerusalem and the eviction of their

Farwana: Jewish settlements being used to blackmail children

Palestinian rights expert Abdel Nasser Farwana expressed concerns about Israeli authorities using West Bank Jewish settlements as a place to detain, single out, and violently question children.

What US House Resolution 1765 tells us about the peace camp

Sama Adnan argues that efforts to educate the US public about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the need for a just solution to this conflict will remain incomplete and essentially toothless

MB chairman congratulates Salah on his release from prison

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie sent a letter to Sheikh Raed Salah, President of the northern wing of the Islamic Movement congratulating him on the occasion of his recent

Your reality or mine? Private reality, the media and the manipulation of information

Lawrence Davidson considers the problems of private realities – the fact that ”there are people who do occasionally attain power whose private realities are fantasy driven” and the fact that

Jewish settlers set fire to girls school while expanding Rahalim settlement

As Jewish settlers spent Sunday morning digging up hundreds of dunums of land in the south Nablus region of Sawiya to expand the Rahalim settlement, Nablus lawmaker Yasser Mansur warned