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Activists subjected to sexual assaults and harassments by State security

Abdel Rahman Fares and Jannet Abdul Alim from the April 6 Youth movement are the latest victims of sexual assault and harassments by state security.

Sexual Harassment in Egypt

The issue has remained largely on the sidelines of Egypt’s social mold for years despite being violently shoved into the mainstream in October 2006. During the Eid celebrations that follow

Egypt: Female Judges Barred from Council Positions

Dozens of women and human rights organizations staged a protest on Thursday in front of the Egyptian State Council’s Cairo headquarters in reaction to a recent decision by the Council

POMED Notes: “Justice for All: the Struggle for Workers Rights in Egypt”

Kamal Abbas kicked off the discussion by noting that Egypt was put on a blacklist of countries to be reviewed about labor and workers rights, which makes the timing of

Egypt: Efforts to combat sexual harassment look promising

Egyptian member of Parliament Georgette Kellini of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), submitted a proposal of a draft law to address sexual harassment through the amendment of the Penal

What you didn’t know about the Islamic fatwa

CAIRO: Breast feeding. Yes, breast feeding, was the cause for controversy after Al-Azhar University lecturer Ezzat Atiyya issued a fatwa that suggested women should allow their male colleagues to breast

Egypt: Women’s Rights and Violence

As part off the Stop Violence Against Women campaign, Bikya Masr has published a series of articles discussing the continuing struggle to protect women and secure their rights in Egypt

Another Egyptian holiday, more sexual harassment

In what is becoming commonplace in Egypt every Eid (Islamic Feast), or holiday, security forces and civil society groups monitored hundreds of sexual harassment cases during the four-day vacation.

Egypt’s spinsters and society

Many in the government, including Gendi, have pointed to this increasing trend of men and women remaining single as a “main concern” as the country moves forward.

What to do about Egypt’s sexual harassment problem

Egypt struggles mightily with sexual harassment. Nearly 100 percent of all foreigners have experienced some form of sexual harassment in the country, while Egyptian women are reporting they are catching