Shadi Hamid


PBS Interview with Shadi Hamid: Why Is America Reaching Out to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?

As the final results of Egypt’s parliamentary elections come in this week, the country’s Islamists are walking away the biggest winners.

WP: Egyptian Army Prefers Turkish Model, But Will Not Impose It

Washington Post, reported that the ruling Military Council started to release signals that they want the army to continue to play key roles, namely to be the guarantor of the

Egyptians Need to Understand Liberty

According to Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Center since Mubarak's ouster in February, Egypt’s liberals are having a lot of trouble with the transition.

Egyptians Rally in Tahrir Square to Celebrate Victory and Mourn Martyrs of the Revolution

An impressive crowd rallied during Friday’s Tahrir Square Victory celebrating as Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi, delivered a stirring sermon, calling on Egyptians to preserve national unity pressing for democratic progress.

Muslim Brotherhood rejects Khamenei’s attempt to hijack the revolution

The Muslim Brotherhood is more interested in expressing its solidarity with its secular co-revolutionaries than its Iranian co-religionists. This isn’t an Islamic revolution, they say — stating the obvious. It’s

MB Sites Successful in Forwarding Constructive Arguments

Despite the sham results witnessed in Egypt this year during both the upper and lower house elections, Egypt’s strongest political opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, proves that it has not limited

Egyptian Opposition Announces Boycott of Upcoming Parliamentary Election

In an interview with Voice of America News, Shadi Hamid discusses the recent announcement of Egypt's al-Ghad Party to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Islamist Response to Repression: Are Mainstream Islamist Groups Radicalizing?

Today, some of the Middle East’s most prominent Islamist groups are in a state of crisis, racked by internal divisions and struggling to respond to regime repression. With key U.S.

Moderate Islamism- Key to Democracy?

director of research at the Brookings Doha Center, argues in a new policy briefing that the U.S. must reassess its policy toward moderate Islamist groups in the Middle East, or

Four Things Obama Needs to Do in the Middle East

In a recent piece, I discussed the growing sense of “Bush nostalgia” among Arab reformers. Such nostalgia has less to do with George W. Bush and more to do with