Mahmoud Hussein: Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Stage Street Protests Against President

In an interview with the newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm at the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Cairo, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Brotherhood leader and Secretary-General, rejects as baseless rumors of 'Ikhwanization' of the

Brotherhood Never Even Contemplated Deal with Former Regime Officials, Especially General Shafiq

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Ghozlan stressed that the group never had the wish, intention or inclination to cooperate with ex-regime stalwarts, like General Shafiq – because the Brotherhood believed

Ghozlan: We Will Keep Action Peaceful Against Fraud Attempts

In a conference in Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Ghozlan assured that Egypt’s revolutionaries and their President-elect Dr. Morsi, his party (the FJP) and the Brotherhood are all

Morsi’s Campaign Declares 52% Victory Based on Official Records from All Polling Stations

Having checked and rechecked ballot-count records, signed by judges in 100% of Egypt’s voting centers, Morsi’s campaign announces their candidate has definitely won 52% of the vote.

Morsi, Egypt’s President-Elect, Victory Statement

The first elected president in Egypt’s history celebrates victory in the final runoff after reliable tallies – from Morsi Campaign representatives based at polling stations across the country – show

Morsi Campaign Press Release (3) – Runoff Presidential Elections

Several reports of various ‘minor’ violations, irregularities, incidents and attacks that marred the predominantly peaceful nature of the first day of the runoff, with some Shafiq supporters physically attacking Morsi

Dr. Morsi Lashes out at Scarecrow Tactics Used by Shafiq’s Campaign

Dr. Morsi refutes his presidential rival’s blatant lies, rumors and false accusations, which contrast blindingly with Morsi’s own commitment to truthfulness and an honorable campaign.

Morsi Campaign Hails April 6 Movement’s Endorsement of Morsi as Wise Decision

Dr. Morsi’s presidential campaign assures that Egypt’s political parties, groups and stakeholders have forged enduring national harmony that unites them all against corrupt former regime hangovers.

SPEC’s Failure to Investigate Shafiq’s Corruption Remains Puzzling

While Dr. Morsi’s campaign hails Egyptian judiciary’s role in safeguarding the free and fair nature of the presidential elections, question marks still hang on the elections panel for failing to

Muslim Brotherhood Statement 1 in Response to General Shafiq’s Allegations, Black Propaganda

‘Big lies’, fabrications, deceptions and false information are Shafiq’s main weapons against the Brotherhood in his desperate race to Egypt’s top job, especially now with only days to go before