Renowned Scholar Qaradawi: Islam Urges Humane Treatment of All Prisoners

According to highly-respected Muslim scholar Dr Qaradawi, Islam prohibits cruelty to prisoners of war and all humans in general.

British Muslims Denounce Mufti Shawki Allam’s Visit to UK

British Muslims denounced in a statement Egypt's Mufti Shawki Allam's participation in UKIP event in Westminster for his active rule crushing peaceful dissent in Egypt by coup regime, and his

Brotherhood Demonstrations Support Syrian Revolution; Reject Iran, Hezbullah Interference

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood organizes several demonstration rallies in governorates across the country announcing full support for Syria’s revolution and rejection of foreign intervention.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Denouncing UN Women Declaration for Violating Sharia Principles

Muslim Brotherhood slams proposed UN CSW document which contradicts principles of Islam and destroys family life and entire society.

Erian: Senior Scholar Authority Not Involved in Legislation

Freedom and Justice Party leader Erian affirms that, according to Egypt’s new Constitution, the country’s Council of Senior Scholars plays no direct legislative role, currently entrusted to the Shura Council.

Erian: People Sovereignty Does Not Conflict with Islamic Law

Although some Muslim figures hold that ‘People are the source of authority’ – as a principle – is actually a blasphemy, the Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader Erian assures

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Unjust Trials for Leaders of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami

Translation of the Brotherhood’s statement condemning political trials targeting Islamists in Bangladesh, urging all relevant organizations to do their duty and halt violations of human rights.

In Million-Man Marches Saturday, Rallies from Alex and Cairo to Assiut, People’s Revolutionary Will Shines

Massive, passionate, peaceful, dignified, unprecedented – are the ‘billion-man’ demonstrations comprising supporters of 48 different Egyptian political, social and revolutionary parties and movements on Saturday in support of Morsi’s decrees

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Calling All Egyptians for Million-Man March and Rally Saturday in Tahrir

Translation of Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Statement issued Wednesday, in which all Egyptians are called for a mass demonstration on Saturday, December 1 in support of ‘Legitimacy and Sharia (Islamic Law)’.

Ghozlan Surprised at Church Withdrawal; Asserts Special Article for Copts in New Charter

Egypt Coptic Pope pulls Church representatives from constitution-writing panel, despite new special article, for first time in history, clearly detailing Christian entitlement to refer to own religious strictures.