Egypt Coptic Pope Tawadros II Hopes Constitution Will Unite All Egyptians, Supports Article II

Recently-elected Egyptian Coptic Pope Tawadros II condemns Bashar violence and brutal massacres; and announces his full support for article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution staying on unchanged.

Beltagy: Constitution-Writing Committee Focuses Only on Serving Interests of Homeland

Although the USA’s latest constitution took over four years to write, Egypt Brotherhood’s Beltagy hopes the country’s national charter will be completed a lot sooner, if only political opponents stop

Sobhi Saleh: Article 2 in Current Constitution Not Written by Islamists, but Liberals

Legal expert Saleh reminds protesters that Article 2 of Egypt’s current Constitution, dealing with application of Sharia (Islamic Law), was written by liberals of decades past; and it remains unchanged.

Amr Darrag: Constituent Assembly Operates in Full Glare of Political Process, Not Behind Closed Doors

Secretary-General of the Egyptian charter-writing assembly affirms that his institution is not involved in any “under-the-table” transactions, and that protestors have their sights set on parliamentary elections – probably coming

Rafiq Habib: Egypt Secular Forces Shun Western-Style Democracy

According to Coptic thinker and Freedom and Justice Party Vice-Chairman Habib, Arab Spring democracy is Islamist par excellence, something which Egyptian secularists are inadvertently aiding.

Al-Barr: World Constitutions Allow No Contradicting Articles, Egypt No Exception

Egypt’s charter-writing panel assures that it will not accept articles that contradict Sharia (Islamic Law), since that would undermine the main basis of the Constitution itself.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Islamic Law and National Identity

Translation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood statement regarding Sharia (Islamic Law) and its importance in society, and therefore in the country’s new national charter.

Gamal Heshmat: The 2nd Article in Egypt’s Constitution is Supported by Most Egyptians

Freedom and Justice Party’s Dr. Gamal Heshmat exhorts all members of Egypt’s constitution-writing panel to take the middle-ground, show tolerance and understanding, so the panel may complete its mission and

Abdel-Meguid: No Privileges for Military in Constituent Assembly Proposals

Many suggestions submitted to Egypt’s charter-authoring panel urge support to bolster the country’s military forces, to enable them to do their duty positively, guarding its borders and protecting the homeland

Dr. Morsi ‘90 Minutes’ Interview – Tuesday, May 15

During his interview with Amr Laithi, Dr. Morsi affirmed that with Islamic reference, the nation is the source of authority, and that Christians are an integral part of the fabric