Al-Shater Health Deteriorates in Notorious Aqrab Prison; Medical Care Banned

Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader Khairat Al-Shater, currently held on political trumped-up charges at the harsh Aqrab Prison, suffers solitary confinement as his health fails in total absence of medical care.

Aisha Al-Shater: False Claims of Relationship Between Father and Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis Outrageous

The daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater strongly rejects as utter lies ridiculous military-led media reports circulating that he is the mastermind behind Egypt's bombings and assassinations, even though

Sarah Khairat Al-Shater: Father Refuses All Visits; Protests Inhuman Conditions in Detention

For more than one month, Muslim Brotherhood leader Al-Shater (currently detained pending 'special' investigations and fabrication of charges), has been refusing all visits in protest of humiliating, even inhuman visiting

PRESS RELEASE: the Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fabricated Charges against President Morsi

The illegal Military Regime in Egypt which deposed the democratically elected President Morsi in July 2013 has become more brazen in its attempts to silence the legal opposition permanently.

Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Detention, Torture of Leaders, Females, Minors, Opponents

Egypt’s broad coalition of parties, groups and movements opposed to the putsch strongly condemns torture, brutality and inhuman treatment of political prisoners at the hands of security and military forces.

Al-Shater in Detention: Putschists Try to Rob Egypt; Revolution Must Uproot Deep State

In preparation for true democracy in Egypt where no party or faction is excluded, coup commanders arrest and detain thousands of leaders of the largest political parties, including the Muslim

Al-Shater Family: Will Not Stop Supporting Electoral Legitimacy Despite Coup Terror

Repressive action and state-sponsored terror campaigns will not dissuade pro-democracy pro-Morsi supporters from demanding reinstatement of their elected leader.

Brotherhood, FJP: Badie and Al-Shater Not Arrested; Authorities Intent to Violate Freedoms

The military coup in Egypt unleashes bloody monsters of violence, repression and corrupt, brutal police state.

Al-Shater: Dubious Forces in Desperate Endeavors to Fail Nascent Egypt Democracy

As the pangs and spasms of Egypt’s old guard and cronies in their death throes get more violent, their heinous plot becomes more vivid, brutal murder and wanton destruction and

Al-Shater: Morsi Win an Important Step towards New Political System

The Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader reaffirms that the current phase of Egypt’s precarious democratic transformation requires the people to be alert and aware as ever, a strong broad-based government and