Dr. Ghozlan: SCAF Cabinet Reshuffle Attempt to Contain Parliament, Public Anger

Egypt’s military rulers may try to show they are not ignoring the elected Parliament, by announcing a ‘limited government reshuffle’, but will that defuse the political feud looming over the

Dr. Morsi’s Electoral Program – General Features of Nahda (Renaissance) Project

Translation of the main features of the Brotherhood and the FJP’s presidential candidate Dr. Morsi’s electoral program: the Nahda Project.

Al-Shater: Nahda Project Starts with Building a Strong Democratic System

The Brotherhood’s second in command says Dr. Morsi’s experience and capabilities qualify him to win post-revolution Egypt’s first presidential elections.

Al-Shater: Friday Protests Real Comeback of Egypt’s Revolution

Having been disqualified from Egypt’s presidential race, despite his sound legal status, the architect of the Renaissance Project, renowned engineer Khairat Al-Shater lends his unwavering support to Dr. Morsi, the

Al-Shater in Menoufia: We Stand in Solidarity with the Poor, the Afflicted, the Oppressed, and

Despite doubts surrounding his eligibility to run for office, the Brotherhood chosen candidate for the Egypt’s top post is pursuing his electoral campaign in Menoufia where he urges people to

Al-Shater: We Will Fight – Legally, Politically and Peacefully for Freedom and the Revolution

Former Brotherhood leader and current presidential contender Al-Shater reiterates that he never called for armed struggle within Egypt, nor anywhere else – unless the homeland is threatened with military aggression

Al-Shater, After Disqualification Decision: What Matters is Freedom, the Revolution

Following the announcement of Egypt’s elections council of his disqualification from the presidential race, front-runner Al-Shater says what really is of importance now is to protect freedoms and the revolution

Brotherhood Lawyer: Disqualification Decision Clearly Contradicts Relevant Laws

Egypt’s Brotherhood submits, Sunday, a formal grievance challenging the elections council’s conspicuously political decision to exclude Al-Shater from the presidential race.

Al-Shater Urges all Egyptians to Unite Against Attempts to Reproduce Mubarak Regime

Cairo – Sunday: As Brotherhood leading figure Al-Shater, is absurdly disqualified and quickly excluded from Egypt’s presidential contest, he announces he would certainly back Dr. Morsi, if indeed he is

Ashri: FJP Will Challenge Al-Shater Disqualification Decision in Few Hours

Based on a military court’s unjust verdict of years past, a post-revolution Egypt’s judicial committee supervising the presidential elections has disqualified the Brotherhood’s candidate Al-Shater.