Severe Sentences against Four Political Activists

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has condemned the sentence issued by the repressive State Supreme Security Court SSSC today (23/1/2011) against citizens Abbas Abbas (7.5 years in prison), Ahmed

Condolences for the Death of an Honourable Woman

The Syrian Human Rights Committee SHRC offers its condolences to the Abdullah and Abass families following the death of Omayya Abass, wife of the colleague Ali al-Abdullah currently detained and

Urgent Call for the Release of Abdul Hafeez Abdulrahman and Nadira Abdu

SHRC calls for the immediate release of the two activists in Syrian prisons and interrogation centres.

Press Release: Syrian Intelligence arrrest minor.

The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Syria revealed the arrest of Tal Dawser al-Mallouhi a young Arab girl whose only crime was her love for her country.

Urgent Call to Reveal Fate of Human Rights Activist Nizar Rastnawi

An informed source of the Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has reported, with much distress, that there has been absolutely no news of Nizar Rastnawi in Sednaya Military Prison, and

American Authorities arrest Islamic singer Abu Ratib

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) was shocked and surprised to learn that the well known Syrian Munshid (Islamic Singer) Mohammad Mustafa Masfaka “Abu Ratib” was arrested by the American

Omar Hayyan al-Razzouk sentenced pursuant to Law 49/1980

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from an appeal sent by the father of the detainee Omar Hayyan al-Razzouk that on 13/12/2009, the Supreme State Security Court (SSSC)

Release Dr. Jihad Qabaqeebo

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has come to know that the anaesthetics doctor Jihad Qabaqeebo (50 years) was released on Monday morning 17/9/2007,