Shura Council


Human Rights Groups, Public Figures Demand Immediate Release of Political Prisoner Somaya

 The undersigned human rights organizations and public figures hereby condemn the arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance of Al-Azhar Chemistry graduate Somaya Maher Hazema. She disappeared since October 17, 2017 and

Statement from Libyan Muslim Brotherhood on Current Affairs Hails Defeat of Coup in Turkey

 In its latest session, the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council reviewed the group’s regulatory and administrative conditions, and the homeland’s situation, crises and open wounds. At the end of its

Torture, Slow Death in Egypt Junta’s Aqrab Prison

Releasing foreign spies from prison, coup authorities in Egypt double the vindictive violations they commit daily against some 50,000 Egyptian political prisoners they unjustly hold hostage in the most inhuman

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Changes to Better Challenge Illegitimate Coup Regime

 Mohamed Montasser, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, said the group is going through a historic phase on both the organizational and political levels, making internal and work-related

Press Release: Enforced Disappearance of Ghalwash, Muslim Brotherhood Leader

 The Muslim Brotherhood holds the treacherous military coup’s criminal security authorities fully responsible for of the safety of Abdul-Latif Ghalwash, member of the group’s Shura Council, who was abducted by

Heshmat: Coup Parliament Elections Null and Void

Muslim Brotherhood leader Gamal Heshmat describes why Egypt junta's upcoming parliamentary elections will be just another illegitimate military operation.

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Aqsa Solidarity Week, Hails Revolutionary Unity Calls

The broadbased anti-coup coalition in Egypt calls a new week of non-violent revolutionary protests in support for Aqsa Mosque.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Reiterates Commitment to January 25 Revolution, Goals

 The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its commitment to the revolutionary approach in the face of the military coup regime in Egypt, which abducted the legitimate President and sentenced him to death,

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Administrative Office Abroad Elects New Head

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Montasser tweets on new set-up of the group's Administrative Office abroad.

Heshmat Hails Youth Spearheading Egypt Revolution, Tahrir Square Flash Mob Rally

Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood Gamal Heshmat praised Egyptian youth's resilient defiance of bloody coup repression and junta violence.