Shura Election


Democratic Alliance Calls on SCAF to Revoke Emergency Law Decision

The Democratic Alliance which met Tuesday in a closed meeting at the Wafd party’s headquarters issued a statement condemning SCAF’s decision to revive the deplored emergency law.

In Egypt Campaign, Muslim Brotherhood Soldiers On

The decades-old battle between the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, and Egypt's authoritarian regime has entered its latest phase. This time it's not a matter of prison terms or

Egypt: Irregularities during Shura elections bode poorly for upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections

The National Democratic Ruling Party captured 80, of the 88 seats contested where 14 ruling party candidates ran unopposed.

Morsy: MB analyzing electoral proceedings

Dr. Mohamed Morsy media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood remarked in a recent statement to "Ikhwanweb" that allegations by several media sources concerning the bloc and parliamentary elections are not

MB chairman calls on Egyptian regime to come to its senses

Dr. Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, urged the Egyptian regime to come to its senses and acknowledge the country belongs to all Egyptians, not only the ruling elite

Opposition blocs object to Shura election rigging

Political parties and opposition movement members engaged in demonstrations which were scheduled in protest to the Shura elections results.

Rights groups report violations to human rights in Geneva

A report on Egyptian human rights violations presented during meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council was submitted by independent human rights organizations.

Egyptian government fails to fulfill promises to protect human rights

The Human Rights Organization’s Forum will be organizing a press conference tomorrow at noon to announce the results of the “ Egypt ’s Human Rights Report in 100 Days”

MB and ElBaradei agree on reform

The recent meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood and 'could be presidential candidate' Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei ended amiably as both parties agreed on the significance of political amendments and reform in