Shura Elections


FJP Wins 45.2% In Shura Council Elections, Phase I

Judicial committees supervizing Shura elections have announced that the candidate lists of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – the Democratic Alliance – have won the highest number of votes

FJP Reiterates Call to Enforce Isolation Law on Former Regime’s Candidates

Freedom and Justice Party's (FJP), Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny, has issued a press statement stating that the party is anxiously monitoring remnants from the former regime as they submit

FJP Discusses Electoral System in Meeting Between SCAF and Parties

A high-level meeting was held Sunday between Egypt’s Chief of Staff Sami Anan, and representatives of different political groups and official parties to discuss the details concerning Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary

FJP: Elections Only Viable Way to Ensure Egypt’s Stability

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) President, Dr. Mohamed Morsy stressed the importance of holding the Parliamentary and Shura council elections as scheduled to ensure Egypt's stability.

Parliamentary elections in September and presidential elections later in the year

Sources revealed that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) started holding consultative meetings yesterday to discuss the details of the constitutional announcement which is expected within days, following

National Council for Human Rights Calls for the Release of Al-Shater and Malek

The National Council for Human Rights called for the immediate released of Eng. Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan Malek and other detainees who were tried before special

MB chairman: We call for a Civil State with Islamic values

During his interview with the Arabic satellite channel Al-Arabia Tuesday evening, the Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Mohamed Badie highlighted that a decision regarding participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections will

MB calls on nation to unite against bequeathing of power

Egypt's strongest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood has called on all political forces to unite in solidarity and resist all attempts by the regime to hand over power to the

Hassan: Gov’t has treaty obligation to accept int’l monitoring of HR violations

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, criticized the Egyptian foreign ministery's handling of Khaled's Saeed's case,, after it summoned the EU ambassadors in protest of

Intisar Selim resigns and Omar monitors Parliamentary elections

Chancellor Intisar Selim, the President of the Cairo Court of Cessation, will be retiring and leaving his current position on June 30th as Head of the Supreme Committee for Elections