Shura Elections


Shura elections: A new order of things…

The Egyptian Shura Council elections, which ended their second round yesterday, are largely viewed as an insignificant political event

Towards the Release of Detainees under the Emergency Law … Egypt without the Emergency Law

the Prime Minister announced in a speech to the People’s Assembly, “As it seeks a two-year extension of the Emergency Law, the government vows before the People’s Assembly not to

Human rights: NDP’s 90% win is forged

According to human rights groups, widespread rigging dominated the Shura elections last week where the ruling party won 90 percent of the seats

Mubarak and Biden meet to solve Gaza blockade

President Hosni Mubarak and Vice President Joe Biden's recent meeting concluded with claims that the US is contemplating different humanitarian, economical, security and political methods to solve the Gaza situation

Sawaseya evaluates media coverage of elections

The Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and Combating Terrorism will hold a press conference Wednesday, noon time, at the center's headquarters

Judges discuss extension of retirement and Shura crisis

Chancellor Ahmed el-Zend will be meeting with representatives from the Judge's club to discuss numerous issues including the judges retirement age and the Shura elections

Egypt’s People Assembly discusses police misconduct during Shura elections

The PA's Committee on Human Rights chaired by Judge Edward Ghali Al-Dahaby, has decided to discuss violations by security forces during the voting process in addition to other human rights

Elections Commission announces forgery of results

The Shura Council Elections supreme committee announced the fraudulent results of the elections which were carried out under corrupt governmental conditions against both electorates and candidates

Shura elections final results conclude well rehearsed play

Ten candidates from the Wafd Party and 14 from the Muslim Brotherhood opposition movement all appear to have lost, while run-off elections are expected to be held in five different

NDP member: The state, the government, and the party are all corrupt

Disappointed NDP members Adel Abdul Hamid, Ahmed Salem, and Hassan Habashy voiced their contempt after losing the Shura Council elections earlier this week