Shura Elections


MB Chairman: Violations in the Shura Council’s elections is beyond limits

MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stressed that the continued violations of the rights on the MB candidates regarding the Shura elections and the non-implementation of the judicial rulings resorting to

MB coordinates with six “Shura” candidates including one Christian

In a press conference held today morning, MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badea announced that the MB will coordinate with six independent and different party candidates including a Christian candidate.

NGO’s to monitor Shura Elections

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights has announced that it will monitor the upcoming midterm Shura elections in 35 constituencies

Ahmed Ezz urges NDP to follow MB example

In a recent meeting with his fellow members Ahmed Ezz NDP's secretary general urged the ruling party to distance itself from any accusations of vote rigging and inappropriate conduct.

Media demonstrates favoritism during coverage of Shura elections

The Committee launched for evaluating the media's performance of the Shura Council's procedures accused the government of dominating the media coverage describing them as biased and pro-NDP.

Al Erian: MB determined to participate in elections despite regime’s oppression

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Essam Al Erian maintained that the bloc insisted on participating in the controversial Shura elections in an effort to reveal the regime's true colours.

MB’s nerve will not be broken and they will continue campaigning

Violations continue as Shura elections near with the state security following orders to thwart all forms of publicity campaigns for the Muslim Brotherhood nominees

Tensions rise as Shura’s opposition candidates face difficulties

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have faced numerous assaults from the NDP as banners and posters in favour of the MB are either ripped or confiscated.

Opposition arrested during campaigns defying Mubarak’s pledges

The ruling regimes suppression continues as it employs the security forces to arrest political opposition

State of Emergency encourages government’s violations during Shura elections

Scenes of security forces besieging protest rallies in support of the MB candidates are familiar scenes coinciding with the activities of the Brotherhood's candidates in most of Egypt 's governorates