Shura Elections


Court issues release order for hunger striking MBs

The Misdemeanors Appeal Court in Damanhour accepted the submitted appeal, demanding the release of Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Osama Suleiman

Nomination in Egypt; the calm before the storm?

Day two of nominations began eerily quiet as MB members attempted to hand in applications.

14 MB nominated in upcoming Shura elections

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, Dr. Mohamed Morsy confirmed that 14 members of the group were successful in handing in applications to run as candidates in the upcoming Shura council elections.

Authorities prevent MB representatives from nominating for Shura Elections

Security forces in the Egyptian governorate prevented Muslim Brotherhood MP, Azab Mustafa from handing in application forms for nomination for the upcoming Shura elections.

Opposition groups final discussions before Shura nominations

Tagammu Leftist Party is scheduled to meet May 8, to discuss the necessary measures needed for funding the upcoming Shura elections.

Egypt’s Shura Council elections: A gesture of democracy?

In early June Egypt’s parliamentary elections will kick off with voting for the Shura Council, the consultative assembly.

MB Secretary General:MB will attempt to coordinate and collaborate with ElBaradei

In an interview with Aljazeera Mubasher channel Saturday, the Secretary General asserted that the MB will attempt to coordinate and collaborate with ElBaradei who has proven to share some sort

MB: Shura Elections, Setback For Reform

After the resputable Egyptian judiciary ruled that it was constitutional for candidates to run for elections using Islamic slogans . . . we have witnessed another setback in the political