Opposition MPs Deny Media Resignations

After publicly announcing their resignation from Egypt’s legislative Upper House, in total disgust and clear displeasure, on live TV, opposition MPs now claim they were not serious about quitting.

Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Democracy; Calls for Unconditional National Dialogue

Accumulated over decades, Mubarak corruption cannot be terminated by any one party or movement, nor in one year, which makes wide-based consensus a necessity in Egypt today.

Upper House Refers Political Rights Law to Supreme Constitutional Court for Final Approval

FJP leader Erian calls on elections panel to hold Egypt’s parliamentary elections soon, after Shura Council finalized political rights law.

Egypt Parliament Unanimously Approves Sokouk (Bonds) Law

Parliamentary Legislative Authority passes into law the new financial instrument ‘Sokouk’ – a mechanism for financing and investment.

FJP Lawmaker: No Judiciary Law Will Be Passed Without Judges’ Consultation

Egypt’s upper house of parliament pledges not to pass a law regulating the judiciary without first getting the judges’ views.

Mukhtar Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party Insisted on Privileged Position for Women in Election Law

Fighting for a greater role for women in Egypt’s new parliament, the Freedom and Justice Party insists on placing female candidates at the top of any electoral list that has

Tosson: All Electoral Law Proposals and Suggestions Will Be Carefully Studied

Egypt’s Shura Council Legislative Committee chief assures that all suggestions for the new House of Representative elections law and the law of political rights will be taken into consideration.

Saleh: Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law Before Race for House of Representatives

By virtue of the new Constitution, and in order to stop the incredulous squandering of precious resources, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court is to review relevant laws before and not after

Erian: FJP Final Position on Coalitions and Alliances after Elections Law Approval

Freedom and Justice Party leader Erian affirms that the party is to decide on how and if it will join any coalitions for the forthcoming parliamentary race only after the

Ramzi: Christians in Upper House of Parliament Largest Bloc in 60 Years

Newly-appointed member of Shura Council (Upper House of Egyptian Parliament) affirms that Christian representation in the Council is the strongest in sixty years.