Muslim Brotherhood Commemorates 48th Anniversary of Bahr el Baqar Massacre

On April 8th, 1970, the Zionist entity launched air strikes, using the US-made Phantom war planes, on Bahr el Baqar elementary school in Sharqiyya province, killing more than 30 children,

Rights Group: Military Regime Killed 571 Political Opponents in 2017

 The Egyptian Coordination Committee for Rights and Freedoms confirmed that the military regime, headed by General Abdel Fattah El Sisi, had killed 571 of its opponents in 2017, of which

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Executions of 15 Innocents by Sisi’s Regime

Not far from the time of the terrorist attack that took place in Bir-Al-‘Abd, North Sinai, which murdered over 300 martyrs while they were performing Friday Prayer; and in an

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Jerusalem is Central Issue for All Muslims

 Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, called on the military coup authorities in Egypt to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners to confront Israeli occupation, affirming that Palestine is a central cause

Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemns Heinous Sinai Attack

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that targeted the al-Rawdah mosque in the city of Bir Al Abed in Sinai, which killed and wounded hundreds

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Continues Peaceful Protest with “October Army” Banner Week

Today, Egypt marks the anniversary of the October 6 (1973) war victory when Egyptians and their army proved their ability to achieve the impossible: despite incredible Israeli fortifications, they crossed

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls “Save the Forcibly Disappeared” Peaceful Protest Week

As the military coup regime in Egypt feels the growing public anger against it and its policies, it is acting with hysterical nervousness, killing citizens in cold blood, ordering judges

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls “Yes to Legitimacy and Unity” Revolutionary Protest Week

The horrific crimes of the military junta’s illegitimate regime in Egypt has reached unprecedented levels where cowering and silence are not acceptable options. The junta’s iron-hand of murderous oppression has

Egypt Sinai Women Against the Coup Statement on October 6 War Anniversary

As Egypt 'celebrates' its 1973 victory, in which the Sinai was liberated from Israel, the region is treated by the remodeled Egyptian army as enemy territory, with Egyptian homes bombed,

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Enough’ Friday, Reminding: Rabaa Rights Will Not Die

Urging more demonstrations to protest coup regime repression and failings, Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition says its initiative for revolutionary unity (without abandoning martyrs' rights) is still open for all patriotic parties,