Sisi Regime and the War on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Social Work

Throughout its history, especially the second founding generation in the seventies, the Muslim Brotherhood has been keen to the transparency and legality of its activities in general, and the network

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release on 3rd Anniversary of Failed Military Coup in Turkey

A tribute to Turkey on the 3rd  anniversary of overthrowing the failed coup of 2015. A tribute to the Turkish people from all walks of life, who came out that

ECRF: 112 Extrajudicial Killings by Egypt’s Security Forces During First Half of 2018

The Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF) issued a report recording cases of extrajudicial killings in the first half of 2018 which amounted to 112 cases. According to the

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns New Laws Granting Egypt Military More Power, Judicial Immunity

A new crime committed by the military regime against Egypt and its people on the fifth anniversary of the coup, by granting more power to the military and protecting its

Families, Former Political Prisoners Recount Suffering During Eid Holidays

For political prisoners in Egypt and their families, the holidays are not times for celebration and festivities, but times of heightened suffering and agony. Political prisoners are not allowed to

Al Shehab: 433 Rights Violations by Security Forces Against Opposition Activists in May Alone

Al-Shehab Center for Human Rights issued a report including human rights violations carried out by the security forces of the coup regime against opposition activists in Egypt last May, stressing

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Commemorating the 1973 War

Today, marks the anniversary of the 10th of Ramadan victory in 1973, an immortal victory had been turned into a spiritless annual celebration. This occasion had been turned, under the

Statement from President Mohamed Morsi’s Family

Statement from President Mohamed Morsi’s Family News have surfaced that the health of President Mohamed Morsi is deteriorating in an unprecedented manner amid total neglegence by his jailers, therefore:  –

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi is an Illegitimate President, Election is a Farce

 Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman, Dr. Talaat Fahmy, reiterated the group’s position regarding the so called “presidential elections” taking place in Egypt, where the coup leader, General Abdul Fattah al Sisi,

Statements by Muslim Brotherhood’s Spokesman regarding Violations Against President Morsi

 Excerpts from the March 7th statements by the Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman Dr. Talaat Fahmy to the press regarding the violations against President Mohamed Morsi by the coup authorities and