Sobhi Saleh


President Morsi Prevented from Attending Trial for Second Time

Once again, the legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi does not show at his trial, as supporters express concern over his disappearance.

FJP’s Sobhi Saleh Arrested, Detained Badie Emergency Visit Approved

In a vindictive attempt to shut Islamists out of political life altogether, the fascist putschists escalate their witch-hunt of all coup opponents.

Upper Chamber Hears Supreme Constitutional Court Observations

Egypt’s Shura Council refuses to involve the army and police in political affairs, vows to take Constitutional Court propositions into consideration.

Egypt Parliament Reassures Judges: Shura Council Aims to Protect Judiciary Independence

As Egypt’s Upper House approves further discussions of Judiciary Law amendments, Shura Council Speaker Fahmi assures judges everything is debatable and no-one seeks a massacre of judges.

Erian: Parliament Approval of House Bill Important Step in Building State Institutions

FJP leading figure Erian assures new broad-based government will follow House of Representatives elections, once the poll law is passed.

Saleh: Elections, Political Rights Laws Close Loopholes; Constitutional Court Decision Binding

Egypt lawmakers assure new House of Representatives and Political Practice Rights close all potential loopholes.

Sobhi Saleh: Parliament Will Send New Election Law for Constitutional Court Review Soon

Egypt’s Shura Council affirms new parliamentary poll law will be drawn up and submitted to the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court for approval within days.

FJP and Muslim Brotherhood: Certain Media Report Baseless Lies on Citizens’ Arrest Powers

Egyptian media unleash a litany of attacks on the idea of citizen’s arrest, fabricating fables about Islamist militias, whilst forgetting Black Bloc terrorists they recently honored on their TV shows.

Sobhi Saleh: Shura Council Fully Applied Constitutional Court Election Law Ruling

Egypt Shura Council acts on Supreme Constitutional Court observations regarding draft electoral law, adopting the Court’s ruling for a number of amendments to make it fairer to all.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Violent Clashes Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace

The FJP urges Egypt’s Public Prosecutor to continue serious investigations into the Itehadia Presidential Palace clashes in which thugs armed with guns, knives, Molotov cocktails and tear-gas bombs brutally attacked