Social Networking


Activists call on public to boycott Vodafone

Activists launched groups on the social networking site Facebook calling on the public to boycott Vodafone after the company forwarded defaming sms to its customers.

Israel turns to Facebook to recruit informers

According to the Palestinian resistance, Hamas, Israel has been using the social networking website Facebook for recruiting spies.

FB activists launch campaign teaching citizens their rights

Facebook activists from the Egyptian governorate Damietta launched an online campaign titled "With constitutional rights we stand firm" in an effort to publicize the first article in the constitution which

Muslim Brotherhood of Libya launches Facebook page

Libya's Muslim Brotherhood on July 5th unveiled a page on social networking website Facebook.

Muslim Brotherhood creates Facebook alternative

The alternative IkhwanBook mirrors the popular social networking site in most ways.

Egypt: Internet activists and “influence”

The use of the Internet in Egypt as a platform for political activism has been the topic of discussion in various political circles and in the media.

Egypt’s Opposition Party Turns to Facebook for Support

ABC's Lama Hasan reports from Cairo: To some, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are platforms to connect and converse but to others it is a powerful political