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Barak defies outpost demolition law

Ehud Barak, Israel’s defence minister, has indicated he will defy an Israeli court that has ordered the demolition of 18 settler homes in the West Bank, in what is widely

Arafat Shoukri: “Conditions are ripe to make this flotilla the ‘tipping point’“

A coalition bringing together a number of organizations is preparing to send in May 2010 a relief flotilla of more than ten ships and cargo-boats to Gaza.

Egyptian authorities to demolish houses to complete building the steel wall

The Egyptian authorities were negotiating tens of families living at the border area with Gaza Strip to compensate them and give them alternative houses in Rafah border town to allow

Assad calls for Arab, international moves to check IOA decision

- Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has called for immediate Arab and international moves to check the Israeli occupation authority's policy of racial cleansing against the Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli plan to seize Palestinian land east of Jerusalem’s Old City

Jerusalem center for social and economic rights reported on Monday that Jewish settlement institutions plan to seize a Palestinian land located to the east of the Old City of occupied

Sources: Egyptian steel wall in final stages

The steel wall built by Egypt under its borders with the Gaza Strip is entering its final stages and would soon close up all tunnels used for smuggling goods into

Crossings authority calls for opening Rafah terminal

The Palestinian crossings and borders authority has asked the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah border terminal to facilitate travel of patients, students and holders of foreign residence permits.

Khaled Amayreh: A dangerous juncture in Palestinian history

While the Israeli Government is projecting an "economic peace" with the Palestinians and the French Government is calling for the recognition of a fictitious Palestinian State - deprived of land

European organizations agree to retain open sea passage to Gaza

The European campaign to end the siege stated on Monday that there is an agreement among humanitarian organizations to retain an open sea passage to the Gaza Strip and not

Palestinians support anti-normalization activists in Egypt

The Palestinian Media Federation (PMF) has hailed the stand of Egyptian Journalist Syndicate (PJS) that publicly rejected normalization with the Zionist entity, and welcomed the syndicate’s plan to issue a