Badie Meets with Comptroller General of Somalia’s Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Brotherhood leader Badie urges his Somali counterpart to work hard for reconciliation and national harmony, in order to achieve unity, stability and reform.

Role of MPs of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc (2005-2010)

In 2005-2010 parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc had quite an intense constitutional and legislative battle and made a huge effort documented in parliamentary records and statistical reports, witnessed by

MB Accuses National Security Apparatus of Crackdown on its Charity Activities

The Muslim Brotherhood accused the National Security Apparatus in Port Said of cracking down on its charity projects during the holy month of Ramadan in the same manner of the

MB Calls for Donating Zakat Money to Help Somalia’s Famine

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badei, called on the Egyptian people, Arab states, and the Islamic world to do its part and donate generously to save millions in the famine

FJP Demands Swift Actions to Save Somalia

In a statement Wednesday, the Freedom and Justice Party ( FJP) called upon the Arab League, the Organization of "Islamic Cooperation", and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization "FAO"

Egypt and the Race for Arms and Stability

Wikileaks has revealed that Egypt is being hauled into the US’s problems and threats in the Middle East as calls come from Dr. Colin Kahl (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Michael Moore: If Only NPR Had Fired Juan Williams for the Right Reasons

Moore asks Williams, 'What do you think when you see rich, middle-aged white men talking on TV about how they get nervous around African Americans on the street?'

How to create your very own terrorist state

Tim Coles takes us through 11 steps necessary to create a “terrorist state”. Using Yemen as a case study, he argues that these steps precisely match US and British policies

US Supreme Court favors trying former foreign government officials

A court ruling was revoked in favour of torture victims which ruled that federal law will not automatically protect former government official from lawsuits over abuse.

Al-Ittihad al-Islamiyya and Political Islam in Somalia

This paper analyzes the factors that aided and hampered the growth and popularity of political Islam in Somalia by tracing the history of al-Ittihad al-Islamiyya. After examining the emergence of