South Africa


Morsi Meets Former South African Vice President

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Chairman, received on Wednesday February 15, a South African delegation headed by Baleka Mbete the former Vice President of South Africa and

African academics launch boycott campaign against Israeli universities

Hundreds of African academics with the support of international influential figures announced an initiative to boycott Israeli universities until their state ends its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Why Muslims Should Rethink Palestine

Thousands of faithful assiduously listened as I outlined the challenges facing Palestine and its people. Cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is Great – occasionally resounded from a corner of

Friends of humanity urges the world to stand against Israel’s apartheid

Friends of Humanity International called on the world to be inspired by the victory achieved against the defunct apartheid system in South Africa and stand firm against Israel’s apartheid in

Watching Israel Delegitimize the U.S.

The U.S.-Israeli relationship has long been America's Achilles heel. Our first president warned against "entangled alliances" particularly when, as here, there's a "passionate attachment."

South African minister: We support the Palestinians’ struggle for liberation

Deputy foreign minister of South Africa Ibrahim Ibrahim stated Saturday during a visit to the Gaza Strip that his country supports the Palestinian people and their struggle for liberation and

South African deputy foreign minister arrives in Gaza

Ibrahim Ibrahim, the deputy foreign minister of South Africa, has arrived in Gaza Strip on Saturday via the Rafah crossing at the head of a seven-member delegation.

Egypt to play Spain in friendly

Egypt and Spain have agreed to face off in a friendly match scheduled for June 4. The European champions will use the match against the African champions as a pre-World

Egypt goes undefeated in group stage, hopes abound

As the crowd began to exit a Cairo cafe on Wednesday night, the smiles that graced scores of Egyptians were part of the hope and optimism created by the national

The Second Decade: The World in 2020

China is now an economic superpower and India is well on its way to earning this status. Second-tier states of the South,