Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Farcical Natrun Trial of Legitimate President

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood condemns the vindictive trial of the country's elected, pro-democracy President Morsi on laughable trumped up charges of prison breaking.

Freedom and Justice Party Sues Al-Dostour Newspaper for Slanderous Fabrications

Dr. Erian calls upon Egyptian media to commit to professional standards of truth and accuracy in stories they report about the Freedom and Justice Party and its eminent leaders.

Landslide Victory for Morsi in Egyptian Expat Vote

Landslide victory in Egyptian expats’ presidential runoff voting indicates impact of higher electorate turnout as Morsi scores 75% of valid votes, after all polling stations abroad have counted ballots.

Abdel-Maksoud: Egyptian People Will Defeat Former Regime Holdovers in Run-Off Round

Although Egypt’s first competitive Presidential election ever had its negative aspects and a number of violations, errors and irregularities, the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing the FJP regard process-supervising

Press Release No. 2 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Despite several violations and various irregularities, the presidential elections’ first day moves on, raising the Egyptian people’s hopes in a better future for their homeland, with security and prosperity not

Press Statement from Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Elections Campaign Media Centre

Egyptian presidential contender Morsi’s campaign goes on, despite a strike – described by observers as political adolescence – by the elections committee angry at the freely elected Parliament’s moves to

Electoral Commission Announces Electoral Symbols of Presidential Candidates

Egypt’s presidential aspirants have just been handed their official electoral symbols in preparation for elections for Egypt's highest office to be held on 23/24 May, with runoffs slated for 16/17

Joint Statement of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party – 18 Apr

Translation of the full text of the joint statement made by the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, about the latest developments on Egypt’s arena.

Al-Shater Reinstated Deputy Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mahmoud Hussein has confirmed the return of Khairat Al-Shater to his position in the organization as a member of its Guidance Bureau and Deputy

Abdel-Maksoud: Excluding Al-Shater Based on Political Power Play Not Legal Considerations

Making a mockery of the entire Egyptian judicial process, the country’s elections panel – which is meant to supervise the upcoming presidential elections – has persisted in perverse action to