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Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood: We Respect Rule of Law

Leaders and media spokespersons for Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, have expressed respect for the Administrative Court’s decision to refer elections law back to the Supreme

Brotherhood Lawyer: State Council Judges to Stand Against Halting Constitution-Writing Process

Abdel-Maksoud believes there is well-planned, subversive scheme to disrupt the constitution-writing process and halt its progress to fruition.

Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party to Appeal SCAF’s Disbanding of Parliament

FJP legal committee president assures party seeks to uphold the rule of law without circumventing the will of the people or allowing any authority to encroach upon the other.

Abdel-Maksoud: Rule Suspending Constituent Assembly Unconstitutional

Muslim Brotherhood’s legal experts believe the ruling to suspend the 100-strong recently elected Egyptian constitutional assembly illegal and would shortly be declared invalid.

State Council: HJEC Required by Law to Exclude Remnants of NDP

Counselor Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Vice President of the State Council for Administrative Courts, asserted that the ruling issued by the Administrative Court in Mansoura, Saturday November12, isolating members of the

State Council: Constitution First is Illegitimate‏

A statement by Chancellor Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Attia, First Vice President of the Administrative Court and head of the main assembly of Fatwa and Legislation rejected calls by several national

Ikhwanweb Highlights New Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The Constitutional Amendment Committee met Tuesday with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and handed over a report on proposed amendments to the Constitution on parliamentary and presidential elections

Egypt’s Military appoints Judge Tareq El Bishri as head of panel to amend constitution

Egypt's military rulers have appointed a retired judge Tareq el-Bishri, former head of Egypt's State Council to head a committee tasked with amending the constitution to allow for democratic elections

Judges: Mubarak’s Speech Simply Repeated Promises

Commenting on Mubarak's speech at the country’s first ‘Judges' Day’, Judge Zakaria Abdel-Aziz, President of the Court of Appeals, said President Mubarak's speech is not new, but is repeating itself

Politicians Describe PA Speakers’ Warnings as Threat to Democracy

A number of politicians and lawyers condemned the statements of the head of parliament, Dr. Fathy Sorour, in which he said about the “parallel parliament”: “I am worried for them,