Amid curfew death continues to rule

The death toll in the ongoing Kashmir unrest mounted to 108 on Sunday with three injured youth succumbing to injuries and a 25-year old girl falling to the bullets of

Why we’re on strike at IslamOnline

Why we're on strike at IslamOnlineNew management in Qatar has hijacked our pluralist site in an attempt to make us follow a hardline agenda.

Egypt: fist fight erupts in Parliament over workers’ strike

MB MP and NDP MP traded insults over strikes in Tanta's Flax company which has continued for over three weeks.

Libya: Prisoners strike in Jadida prison, families hold sit-in

Alkarama received news of a large prison strike of prisoners inside Tripoli's Jadida prison.

Egypt: Bargaining Bloggers to stop opposing the Government

“You will be behind the sun” was the expression used by the Dean Abdul Hadi, General Inspector of State Security at Fayoum (Egyptian Province), while he was interrogating the Egyptian

Wave of Labor Unrest Grips Egypt at Crucial Juncture

The warehouses of the Tanta Flax and Oil Co. are quiet, the machines covered with dust. In the silence, Hisham Abu Zaid has found a power unlike anything he has

Egypt: Alexandria textile workers go on strike

Textile workers in Alexandria said they would continue their strike despite deductions promised by the management of their factory over the action.

4500 workers in Cabo will continue their strike despite deductions

More than 4500 worker at the Al-Nasr Textile Company in Alexandria (Cabo) entered their second consecutive day of striking where they demanded their paychecks.

Workers at Amoun Drug Store strike against arbitrary transfer

Over a thousand workers and administrators at Amoun company began an open-ended strike in response to the arbitrary decisions of the administration which were to dismiss or transfer employees to

Ain Shams Students Tortured, Aswan Institute Students Beaten

MB students Ahmed Abdel-Mon’em Abul-Futuh and Mansour Naser were assaulted, beaten, and tortured at the hands of State Security in Nasr City. Marks of the beating showed on their bodies,