Egypt: Student Protests in Support of Jerusalem Continue

 Egypt’s universities students continued their protests against US’s decision regarding Jerusalem where Al Azhar University, as well as Zagazig and Sohag University, have witnessed several protest activities in support of

Egypt Student Union Statement to All Egyptians

The Egyptian Students Union issues a statement rejecting calls to mandate Al-Sisi to supposedly fight terrorism, which is deemed a clear incitement to civil war.

Anti-Coup Alexandria Student Death Triggers Wide Protests On Campus

Omar Al-Sharif, the first student movement fatality in the new academic year, succumbs to wounds caused by junta forces live ammunition at university.

Egypt Student Union: Morsi Still President; We Reject Military Coup

ESU Vice-President Baqri affirms that their Executive Office strongly condemns the military coup against popular will, and stands in full solidarity with democracy and electoral legitimacy.

Egypt Student Union Deputy Head: President to Consider Release of Any Detained Student

ESU Vice-President Baqri and a 47-strong university student delegation meet with Egyptian President Morsi and discuss curricula, campus security and conditions at student dormitories.

Egypt Upper House: Student Demands Legitimate, Corruption in Universities Must End

Parliamentary committee approves student demands to reverse 30 years of deteriorating university conditions and eliminate prevailing corruption.

Unjust recommendations for collective punishment against Muslim students

The Muslim Student Union has appealed a recommendation to have its members suspended for one year.