Mubarak sidelines presidential succession issue and opposition’s reform demands

The ruling NDP’s annual convention began on Saturday with what appeared to be early intentions of sidelining and ignoring pressing questions of political reform and presidential succession although his mandate

NDP Holds Seventh Annual Conference

As Saturday was slated for Egypt’s ruling NDP’s annual conference so were opposition groups plans to hold a parallel gathering expected to discuss the country’s parliamentary elections which were marred

Elections to Observe in 2011

A recent article in Foreign policy shed light on elections to watch in 2011.

El-Baradei Excluded from Changes in Campaign’s Official Formation

Sources stressed that “Must Campaign”, the former popular Campaign to Support El-Baradei, has concluded the formation of its Board of Trustees, which is the campaign’s highest authority.

NDP to present Presidential platform after NDP’s 7th Annual Conference

The National Democratic Party (NDP) will begin preparing its platform for the presidential candidate after the seventh annual conference slated for December 25-26.

Mubarak’s Son Denies Wanting Presidency

In TV interviews President Mubarak's son, Gamal denied any affiliation to campaigns supporting him as a potential president candidate.

Egyptians’ Tax Money Spent on Improving Image of Egypt’s Regime

With parliamentary elections just round the corner and the presidential elections to follow in 2011 the Egyptian government has embarked on a quest to improve its image.

Activist abducted while collecting signatures for reform

State security forces abducted, activist Abdullah al-Saadawi, from the Imbaba district in Cairo while he was collecting signatures during door knocking in support of the chartered seven demands for reform.

The coming Cairo autumn

Political openings in Egypt over the last 30 years have come in waves. Swelling and then retreating, they have had little permanence.

Mubarak promises integrity in upcoming elections‏

Egypt's President, Mubarak, has promised integrity in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in November.