Suez Canal


Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Former Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the group’s seventh Chairman, who passed in the harsh dungeons of the ruthless military coup junta in Egypt after a long struggle with

Egypt National Alliance Calls ‘Pound Plunges… Prices Soar’ Week of Peaceful Popular Protests

Egypt's pro-democracy coalition urges every patriotic Egyptian to do their duty, come out and join anti-coup mass marches across Egypt.

FJP: Suez Canal Project Inauguration Apology Due to President Morsi

A Suez Canal project announced by President Morsi just over a year ago is now being inaugurated by the same generals who strongly opposed it then.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Ismailia Car Bombing

According to medical sources, one person has been killed and 43 others injured in Egypt’s Ismailia blast.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Condemns Israeli Company Involvement in Suez Canal Security

The Egyptian coalition of parties, movements and groups opposed to the military insurgence and illegitimate power-grab denounces the participation of an Israeli company in securing sensitive Suez Canal.

National Alliance in Port Said Condemns Tragic Death of Egyptian Family in Suez Canal

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Port Said condemns coup security authorities’ negligence and failure to save a family of a father and two children who perished after their car

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Tenth of Ramadan Anniversary

Marking the 1973 Egyptian victory, on the 10th day of Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan, the Brotherhood affirms that the brave Egyptian army will never support a heinous traitorous coup.

PM Qandil: Suez Canal Region Development Project Already Launched

Major conference reveals start of serious rejuvenation and expansion projects in Suez Canal area, to help boost Egypt’s economy.

Suez Canal Development Chief: Project Will Be Economy Locomotive

Head of Egypt’s Suez Canal development reveals that powerful project to rejuvenate and expand vital region should have started years ago.

World Experts, Ambassadors Call for Conference on Suez Canal Region Development

Egypt Ministry of Housing is to hold a major conference on projects and proposals for Suez Canal region rejuvenation and development.