Global Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians: Hawija Killings in Iraq a Horrific Massacre

The international Islamic organization, the GFIP, urges Iraqi government to do more to fight discrimination and instill a spirit of tolerance in society, in order to avoid abhorrent incidents like

Ibrahim Kalin: Sectarianism a Disaster for Sunnis and Shiites

2012 comes with numerous opportunities for the Muslim world. For the first time, many Arab countries have a chance to hold free elections and carry out reforms to establish political

“Religion Serves the People”

The most senior Shiite cleric in Lebanon, Grand Ayatollah Fadlallah, has died. The intellectual guiding force of the Shiite Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, Fadlallah supported the armed fight against Israel

MB Chairman: The key to Egypt ‘s progress and welfare is restored freedom

In his weekly message titled "Our forces, they surely must conquer”, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie underlined the significance of reestablishing freedom in Egypt .

Islamism: why the west gets it wrong

Islamism is widely misunderstood in the west. It has its roots in a reaction to the global politics of the 20th century.

Sunnis vote to retain voice in Iraq

The turnout delivered Sunnis their most articulated voice yet on the national stage, seven years after the American-led invasion ended their dominance.

Iraqi election candidates face poet’s sarcasm

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a poor Iraqi shepherd who lost all but six of his sheep to drought. In desperation, the poor shepherd decided

Iraq: Candidates Should Promote Human Rights

After Iraq’s last parliamentary elections in 2005, violence devastated Shia and Sunni Arab communities in central and southern Iraq. While some of the worst violence has subsided, armed groups continue

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood a purely civil organization

When Imam al-Banna founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement described the Muslim Brotherhood group as a Salafists, Sunni doctrine, Sufi approach, social and political body, sports group, grand economic company,

Free Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi

It is with great shock and sadness that we hear of the arrest and continued detention of our dear brother in Islam and former President Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi. Dr. Yazdi