Supreme Constitutional Court


President Morsi National Security Council Meeting Urges All Parties to Renounce Violence

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi chairs meeting with members of National Security Council, issues statement reiterating respect for freedom of peaceful protest.

Upper House Refers Political Rights Law to Supreme Constitutional Court for Final Approval

FJP leader Erian calls on elections panel to hold Egypt’s parliamentary elections soon, after Shura Council finalized political rights law.

Freedom and Justice Party: Some Still Desperate to Drag Judiciary into Political Conflict

After laying to waste about two billion Egyptian pounds (over $333mil) by insisting on the sacking of Egypt’s first postrevolution elected lower house of parliament, the country’s Constitutional Court now

Upper Chamber Hears Supreme Constitutional Court Observations

Egypt’s Shura Council refuses to involve the army and police in political affairs, vows to take Constitutional Court propositions into consideration.

Freedom and Justice Party: Attempts to Delay Legislative Elections Must Stop

FJP leader Ibrahim affirms that lifting the traditional ban on army and police voting removes these vital institutions’ neutrality and thus threatens homeland security.

FJP Welcomes Constitutional Court Decision to Amend Elections Law

Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court says certain articles in draft parliamentary elections law require changes before law is finally passed.

Erian: FJP Final Position on Coalitions and Alliances after Elections Law Approval

Freedom and Justice Party leader Erian affirms that the party is to decide on how and if it will join any coalitions for the forthcoming parliamentary race only after the

Legal Campaign Accuses Egypt Supreme Constitutional Court of Political Maneuvering

With all its members appointed by ousted Mubarak and cronies, Egypt’s Constitutional Court handled cases in an explicitly selective and heavily politicized manner unbecoming of a court of any kind.

Judges for Egypt: Constitutional Court Plots to Demolish State

An openly politicized Supreme Constitutional Court goes out of its way to sack Egypt’s elected parliament, then openly brags about ready decisions to dissolve the country’s charter-writing assembly and the

Rights Activist Urges Constitutional Court to Drop Case Against Brotherhood Lawyers

Denouncing total lack of media support for lawyers Alhafi and Abdel-Maksoud rights activist Borai urges Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court to drop the case against them without further delay.