Supreme Council of the Armed Forces


Dr. Ghozlan: Brotherhood to Join April 20 Protect the Revolution Million-Man March

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has announced it will take part in the 20th of April "Self Determination Friday" mass protests in Tahrir and other liberation squares across the country, uniting efforts

Al-Shater Expects SCAF to Ratify Disenfranchisement Law

Having passed a law reform to bar former Egyptian regime officials from running for head of state, Parliament now wants the Military Council to ratify the amendment.

Al-Shater: ‘Protect the Revolution’ Million-man March Confirms Rejection of Former Regime Rebound

Egypt’s revolutionary groups and movements gather today, unified in support of the country’s democratic transition, and in defense of the march towards a true and total democratic transformation.

Dr. Manal Abul Hassan: We Denounce Suzanne Mubarak’s Council Meddling in Women’s Rights

Egypt’s new National Council for Women is managed and controlled by Suzanne, the wife of ousted president Mubarak, together with her confidants, cronies and chums; something which draws the ire

Ikhwanweb Highlights New Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The Constitutional Amendment Committee met Tuesday with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and handed over a report on proposed amendments to the Constitution on parliamentary and presidential elections

Figures Governing Egypt Now

These people are governing Egypt after the dictator Mubarak was ousted. They represent the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) that will be governing Egypt for the next six